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The Collective Action Microgrants fund events led by and for TFA alumni. Our community is only as strong as the impact our alumni feel empowered to achieve, and we want to support you in your leadership.

Leverage your network. Expand your impact.

Teach For America alumni have proven they achieve incredible things when they work together toward a shared vision.

Utilize the Collective Action Microgrant to fund events and development in support of equity. This could include projects such as:

  • An alumni book drive for incarcerated children

  • A networking mixer for ELL teacher alumni who want to learn about best practices

  • An initial meeting of LGBTQ alumni to start a regular group meet-up


We value innovation and flexibility, so the sky is truly the limit.

Application Process

Your gathering must be rooted in some issue pertaining to educational equity. It can be PD focused, a call to action, a think tank, a service day, or anything in between.


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Proposal must be mission-aligned.

You’ll need to articulate what you hope to be true because of your proposal. This can include outputs like attendance numbers, but must also include outcomes, such as impact in terms of reactions, learnings, behaviors, etc.

Success of the endeavor must be measurable.

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We will operate on a reimbursement basis. You will submit receipts to us for reimbursement. In some cases, we can pay a vendor directly, but this will require pre-approval.

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Grants are reimbursement-based.



We are unable to pay for alcohol because of our organizational financial policies. Also, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we are unable to participate directly or indirectly in a political campaign.

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There are certain things we cannot fund.

After the event, you should submit the agenda, sign-in sheet, and photographs of your event. 

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Submit your artifacts.

Ready to lead?

Get your microgrant now

Collective Action
Microgrant Application
Still have questions about the Microgrants?

Contact Manager of Alumni Experience, Juan Pablo Martinez.

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