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Build Your Leadership

Expand Your Impact

The Nashville Aspiring School Leader Fellowship develops and supports a diverse cohort of future school leaders to expand educational equity for children in Metro Nashville Public Schools.


Your experience leading classrooms has transformed you.

You are passionate about expanding opportunities for children, and now you want to continue your impact as a school leader pursuing equity and accelerating change.

TFA Alumni have demonstrated what is possible for Nashville.

For the past 10 years, TFA alumni educators have been rated among the most effective in the state


Alumni leading schools across middle Tennessee and Chattanooga.


8 out of 10 of the non-selective highest performing schools in Nashville were led by a Teach For America alumnus


Fellows in new mid-level leadership roles after joining the program.


Today in Nashville, only 15% of students attend a school considered high performing, but Teach For America alumni are working with our community to reimagine opportunity.


We believe that when kids have great teachers positive outcomes follow.

But that is just the start. In order to enact true, lasting change, we must address the systemic problems with systemic solutions.

Empty Classroom

Entire schools and school systems have proven it’s possible to dramatically alter student outcomes when the right leaders are in place. The Nashville Aspiring School Leader Fellowship aims to continue that legacy.

Build your leadership to expand your impact.

Through the 2 year fellowship you will:

  • Earn your administrator credentials and M.Ed. or E.Ds. through Lipscomb University, one of the Tennessee’s top-rated educator preparation programs.

  • Gain hands-on leadership experience developing teachers and driving student outcomes at Teach For America Nashville-Chattanooga’s pre-service teacher training.

  • Receive ongoing mentorship from experienced, effective school leaders, and receive career and job placement support in pursuit of leadership roles within Metro Nashville Public Schools.

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Program Timeline
Year 1
Application Opens
Application Closes
Final Interviews
Cohort 2023 Announced
Lipscomb Courses Begin
Summer Training Planning Begins
Year 2
Lead at Summer Teacher Training
Begin Lipscomb Year 2
Earn ILL-B & EdS
Fellowship Complete
Eligibility & Requirements

Candidates for the Fellowship should be eligible for hire by Metro Nashville Public Schools. Additionally, to be considered for the 2023 cohort of the Nashville Aspiring School Leader Fellowship, you must:

  • Have at least 4 full years of certificated teaching experience in Pre-k – 12 by Fall 2023.

  • Provide demonstrated evidence of educator effectiveness (i.e. TEAM, LOE, TVAAS or other state or nationally normed evidence).

  • Meet requirements for admission to Lipscomb University M.Ed. or E.Ds. programs.

  • Commit to working at the Teach For America Nashville-Chattanooga pre-service training in 2024.

  • Commit to pursue a full time mid-level leadership or an administrative position with Metro Nashville Public Schools for the 2025 -  2026 school year.

David Lewis
Assistant Principal, Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet
"Children need to see themselves represented in the school building and throughout the curriculum in order to be prepared to succeed in college and/
or career. Cultural representation coupled with experiential learning works as a catalyst for children of diverse backgrounds and promotes interest, engagement, and common ground for all."

Leadership changes everything.

Begin your journey
Meet the 2022 Cohort

Edward Lawless

Nashville-Chattanooga 2016

Patrice Christian

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Edwina Perry

Trevecca Nazarene University

Jonathan Avery

Nashville-Chattanooga 2015
Meet the 2021 Cohort
TFA Headshots 10.2021-2.jpg

Alex Ball

Mississippi Delta 2007
TFA Headshots 10.2021-8.jpg

Patrice Briscoe

Nashville-Chattanooga 2018
Meet the 2020 Cohort
TFA Headshots 10.2021-12.jpg

Ryan Olivia MacDonald

Mississippi 2013
TFA Headshots March 2021_edited_edited.jpg

Rachel Burley

Nashville-Chattanooga 2015
TFA Headshots March 2021-11_edited.jpg

Gerron Hurt

Nashville Teacher Residency
TFA Headshots March 2021-6_edited.jpg

James Cross

Oklahoma 2013
Meet the 2019 Cohort
TFA Headshots Fall 2019-9 (1).jpg

Andre Mitchell

Phoenix 2007
TFA Headshots Fall 2019-15.jpg

Dr. Alexandra Valdes-Wochinger

Nashville Teaching Fellows
TFA Headshots Fall 2019-7.jpg

Mae Christiansen

Nashville-Chattanooga 2014
Meet the 2018 Cohort

Dr. Alesha Harmon

Nashville-Chattanooga 2011

Becca Edwards

Nashville-Chattanooga 2012

Kayla Miller

Nashville-Chattanooga 2014
Meet the 2017 Cohort
Chris George Headshot.jpg

Chris George

Nashville-Chattanooga 2010
Mollie Jensen.png

Mollie Crockett

Nashville-Chattanooga 2011

David Lewis

Nashville-Chattanooga 2014
Sean Day Headshot.jpg

Sean Day

Charlotte 2012
LeJoia Vanhook Photo.png

Dr. LeJoia VanHook

Nashville Teaching Fellows
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