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Happy Monday Changemakers! You did it. Another Monday in the books.

We are quickly approaching Thanksgiving Break!!! Hang in there.

Please look at the calendar to see when I will be visiting your classroom for the rest of the year. Also, I have decided to re-allocate our 1 on 1 debrief time to an end of year cohort reflection and celebration time instead, so you will not have to schedule time to meet with me after I visit your classroom. Of course, if you want to meet for any reason, I am always available!

Also, this week I am going to cold call you all just to check in and say hi, so if you see a 216 number don't ignore it!


  1. View calendar to see when I am coming to visit your classroom

  2. Take this doodle poll for our end of semester celebration!

  3. 1CMS sign up for a Skills Lab if you haven't already


1. (Mandatory) Leadership Summit

December 2nd from 5PM CST to 7PM CST

2. (Mandatory) Cohort Celebration!

Please take this doodle poll to let me know what night you are

available from Dec. 7-16th.


Shout out to all of you for working so hard to live out our vision of creating closeness to students and their families. I have seen you all use your networks to bring translators to parent teacher conferences, call home to parents after school, and plan lessons so responsively. Kudos!


We are 27 change makers with a lot more in common than we think. Our vision is to create closeness and connectivity with one another, our students, and their families to solve problems and create action.
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