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Welcome back!

Hope you all had a great Spring Break and took some time to rest and rejuvenate.

As we are experiencing another uncovering of our nation's long history with racism, I hope you are seeing the connection of our work as change makers and just how critical it is. Elisa, our CEO, wrote these words as a call to show our solidarity with the AAPI community and I thought them fitting, "we must reflect the equity and solidarity we hope to foster within our students." As we begin a new quarter, let us remind ourselves of this charge and work towards a strong finish. Don't loosen the grip. Students will expect you to do that. Throw them off by being even more ALL iN than you've been all year. It will translate to them and they will match your energy. Don't forget that you are in the business of making change. This is your opportunity.

Only a few action items and important dates to remember for this quarter. Other than that, we begin the process of making meaning of this year ( two years for 2nd years) and reflecting on how we have been changed.

That's all.





Upload a recording of your in-person classroom to this google folder by EOD April 16th. I will give feedback on a first upload, first serve basis. So if you need support and feedback please get it in soon! Please don't be nervous. Send me anything. I am not looking for perfection.


If you'd rather facetime or zoom me in to any of your classes, please just put the time on my calendar that you want me to be on! Schedule time before April 16th, 2021


Business as usual. I will join in your online classes. If your schedule has changed, please let me know! I will with Opportunity Academy this week.


1. Read this piece to learn how you can show solidarity with the Asian community that moves beyond words. "Condemning Anti-Asian Violence Requires More Than Words" by Alum, Soukprida Phetmisy

2. If you are in person now, please upload a video of your classroom by the end of April 16th. I will give feedback on a first upload, first serve basis.

3. Sanitization Needs Survey We were able to procure some funding to provide you additional sanitization supplies. If you are supporting students in person, take this survey and share your needs.

4. Please complete the survey here to let us know how we can support you through the transition to in-person teaching. Thank you for your input and time! This data will be used to design coaching spaces in Q4

5. Sign up to be part of the 2CM Task Force, which will collaborate/support the Alumni Leadership Team to develop and refine the programming of this event.Apply here:

Alumni Induction - 2CM Task Force Sign Up Form.png

6. Profile

In an effort to get you guys more connected to each other, please complete your slide on this slideshow so everyone can know who each other is! Also, add to your slide your vision and classroom motto!

7. Add songs to our cohort playlist! Time to refresh! What songs are getting you through this semester!


1. (optional, but highly recommend) Skills Lab Group Coaching ALL corps

This will be a series of spaces designed based on the direct feedback you all gave on the above survey. Also linked here. If there is anything specific you need support with, please don't hesitate to reach out!

March 31st 5-6 CST (6-7EST)

April 1st 4-5 CST (5-6EST

2. (2CMS) Alumni Induction

Thursday, May 20th

3. Cohort Social

In April! Details To be determined


Teaching Resources:


This week's shout out goes to all of you who are going back in person teaching this week! I am so proud of you for being ALL IN for your students.




We are 27 change makers with a lot more in common than we think. Our vision is to create closeness and connectivity with one another, our students, and their families to solve problems and create action.
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