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3/22/21 Weekly Blast

"There is no greater pillar of stability than a strong, free, and educated woman."-Angelina Jolie


Hello Chattanooga Pioneers!

What a wacky week last week was, with Benchmark testing and a 2 hour delay on top of that! I hope that this week is more stable and that you and your students are able to have a great final week of Benchmark testing!

Since many schools are still Benchmark testing, Courtney and Molly will not be in schools doing observations and pop-ins. Instead, we will have all pod cohort meeting. If you are in the rigorous instruction pod then everyone in that pod will have a coaching session on Thursday with Molly. Likewise, anyone who is in the learning environment pod will have a pod coaching session with Courtney on Thursday. Check your email for more information and details.

Next week, March 31st there will be regional skills lab. Molly and Courtney will email you by 4 PM on Friday 3/26/21. We also have an awesome All Cohort meeting next Thursday (April 1st), but we will share more information about that later this week.

We hope that you have an amazing week, and if you have any questions or concerns, reach out to any of us!

-Janiel, Molly, and Courtney


Dates to Remember:

  • March 25th- Pod Meeting (all members of each cohort will attend)

  • March 31st Regional Skills Lab (Molly or Courtney will let you know what lab to attend)

  • April 1st- Chattanooga All Cohort Meeting (1 CMs & 2CMs) 5-6:30

  • April 2nd-9th HCS Spring Break

  • April 22nd 2 CM Equity Chatt with Chattanooga School Leaders

  • April 27th 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 1)

  • April 28th 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 2)

  • April 29th 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 3)


Action Items:

  • Past Due: Complete CM Support Survey Due by 3/11/21

  • 2 CMs interested in Alumni Induction Task Force complete survey

  • Check your email every Friday and respond by Sunday evening if you get an email asking you to schedule an observation and debrief.

  • Rigorous Instruction Pod: Share weekly lesson plans with Molly

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