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Hey all!!

Still running a week or so behind on observation feedback, so your patience is so appreciated. Everyone should have communicated a plan to get me a video/schedule and observation. Please let me know if you are having issues.


Observations the next two weeks are happening for STRIVE, LEAD, Nashville Classical, and Liberty Collegiate. If you teach at one of these schools, please choose one of the options below and have a plan to complete the task by the deadline. Failure to meet these deadlines could impact CM AmeriCorps standing, so please communicate extension needs as they arise—just keep me in the loop and we can figure things out 😊

1. Upload a recording of your in-person classroom to google and share the link with me by EOD Friday, April 23rd but the earlier the better so I can get you feedback sooner! If you have issues with video and link, please let me know and am happy to coordinate email/facetime/other options. We can get creative here.


2. Sign up for a time on calendly for me to attend your virtual or hybrid zoom/teams session. Please make sure to attach your class link to the calendly sign up. If you don't see any options that work for your schedule, reach out to me and we will find a time!

End of year data: end of year CM data will be due May 17th. You must turn in student data for end of year to be in good standing with TFA/ americorps. Put this in your calendars so it isn't a surprise!

Alumni Induction for 2CMs: Thursday, May 20th.


Please use this to sign up for the 1CM Philosophy of Education Sessions. You only need to sign up for one session. Please email Casey DeFord if you have any questions.

Text me if anything comes up!


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