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Hi Change makers!

Hope you all have had a strong start to your week. As we approach the end of our year together, I have been reflecting on all that we have been through and the tremendous amount of resilience you all have shown. I am so grateful for you all and your dedication to students and families. As we begin to close out the year, it is really important to look back and make meaning of your teaching practice and experience in Nashville. This is so you can become a better educator and leader. 1CMs, the session coming up at the end of April is designed to help you with that. For 2CMs, you will do that reflection at your Induction!

There are a few important things in the Action Items, please review them all.

Keep going. You got this.



1. (Mandatory)If you are in person now, please upload a video of your classroom or invite me to zoom into your hybrid classroom by putting the time on my calendar.

2. (1CMs - Mandatory) 1 CM Education of Philosophy and reflection space happening End of April. Here is the link to sign up.

3. (Mandatory) Please begin to to think about your end of year data that you will submit. This will be data for the same assessment you sent me in the fall. This is due May 17th.

4. (Optional) Please take this doodle poll to let me know which night you are available for a cohort social

5. (2CMS) Alumni Induction - Thursday, May 20th 2021



Upload a recording of your in-person classroom to this google folder by EOD April 16th. I will give feedback on a first upload, first serve basis. So if you need support and feedback please get it in soon! Please don't be nervous. Send me anything. I am not looking for perfection.


If you'd rather facetime or zoom me in to any of your classes, please just put the time on my calendar that you want me to be on! Schedule time before April 16th, 2021


Business as usual. I will join in your online classes.


1. (1CMS) Philosophy of Education

Link to sign up:

April 27 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST April 28 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST April 29 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST May 3 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST

2. (2CMS) Alumni Induction

Thursday, May 20th 2021

3. Cohort Social


Teaching Resources:


This week's shout out goes to Michael and Samantha at Nashville Prep and all the Intrepid staff who are teaching virtually and in person in their buildings! Thank you for being so all in!




We are 27 change makers with a lot more in common than we think. Our vision is to create closeness and connectivity with one another, our students, and their families to solve problems and create action.
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