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Hi Change makers!

When I am feeling depleted, Rita Pierson always re-energizes me and reminds me to keep going because every child deserves a champion!

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There are a few important things in the Action Items, please review them all.

Almost to the end. Keep going. You got this.



1. (Mandatory)If you are in person now, please upload a video of your classroom or invite me to zoom into your hybrid classroom by putting the time on my calendar.

2. (1CMs - Mandatory) 1 CM Philosophy of Education and reflection space happening End of April. Here is the link to sign up.

3. (Mandatory) End of year conversations/debrief. Please schedule time on my calendar between May 3rd- May 20th to close out our coaching year together!

4. (Mandatory) Please begin to to think about your end of year data that you will submit. This will be data for the same assessment you sent me in the fall. This is due May 14th.

5. (2020CMs only) 1CM End of Year Celebration! 2020 CMs please choose a date that you are available for a 45 min celebration!

6. (2CMS) Alumni Induction - Thursday, May 20th 2021


1. (1CMS) Philosophy of Education

Link to sign up:

April 27 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST April 28 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST April 29 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST May 3 @ 5:00-6:15pm CST

2. (2CMS) Alumni Induction

Thursday, May 20th 2021

3. 1CM End of Year Celebration -Doodle Poll

4. End of Year conversations with MTLD

May 3-20th

5. End of Year TFA Survey -TBD


Teaching Resources:


This week's shout out goes to Sasha Thompson! Sasha has built strong relationships with her students and it has allowed her to challenge her students without deterring them from engaging. They are able to accept her challenge and come back to give her stronger and deeper answers. She is always pushing them to think deeper about the why behind their thinking! Kudos Sasha!




We are 27 change makers with a lot more in common than we think. Our vision is to create closeness and connectivity with one another, our students, and their families to solve problems and create action.
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