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8/31 Blast

Hello and welcome to the first website -wide blast!

We have decided to switch over here to make sure there is a centralized hub for all things TFA. You can expect to find a weekly update for our cohort. I will also be uploading opportunities and events in a separate blog post for you to check out too. Another short and sweet blast this week!

- For those of you I have seen in action, I am truly so great, You each are amazing and your virtual classrooms are beyond words impressive. I look forward to seeing the rest of you in action this week and next!


Cohort Meeting Wednesday, September 2nd 4:30-5:15! Zoom link is here:

    Password: 519913

Very informal, just a get-to-know-you space for us to put faces to names and welcome to 2020 corps! Bring a snack or your favorite drink for a virtual cheers :)  

- Our first all-corps (virtual) event will be September 12 from 10am-1pm! Mark your calendars and more info to come!

- 2019s CMs, please check your email for a reflection and goal setting doc from Adrian Trejo, our TLD team lead. Those reflections are due TODAY and will be essential for your time in the all corps event on Saturday, September 12th!

As always, please reach out if there are ways I can be supportive of you right now. You are great and I value you so much!

All my best,


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