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9/28 Blast

Happy Monday y'all! Here is the blast for the week:

  1. HAPPY ALMOST FALL BREAK!! You are all truly amazing. I have been so impressed with each of your classrooms and the incredible pivots you are making daily to ensure your students are learning. You deserve every second of this break!!

  2. THANK YOU for your patience and grace on my end. This has been a wild few weeks and figuring out how to do all of this virtually sure has been an adventure. If I have not observed you yet, I will observe you first thing after fall break.

  3. Speaking of observations- DEBRIEFS will begin after fall break too after seeing everyone. You will a few options for debriefs this year, which is different than in the past. The goal here is to make sure you are not getting screen fatigue and minimizing any non-essential screen time while making sure we hold development and learning sacred. Look out for more info next blast.

Things are heavy. Last week in particular with the verdict of Breonna Taylor's murders and the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg were personally hard pieces of news for me to process. Oh and we're still in a pandemic where over 200,000 Americans are dead. This is a lot for anyone to understand but especially for our kids. Here is a webinar you can register for support your students in processing racial trauma. You can register here :

I'm proud of you. You are doing great. ENJOY YOUR BREAK and see you soon.

All my best,


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