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Hi all!

Hope you had an amazing LDW and I can't wait to see you on Saturday for our SEPTEMBER ALL CORPS event! We will have some cohort time during this event to have some discussion and get clear on expectations. Please make sure to schedule debriefs with me following any observation...a link will be sent via email after each observation. Check the scheduling and tracker document on our cohort page if you ever want to know where I am or where you stand with completing program requirements. Any CM not completing program requirements will be placed on an improvement plan in order to regain good standing with Americorps.


  • EVERYONE! Please fill out this google form BY THURSDAY! THANK YOU :D

  • 2CMS ONLY! Reminder to share your vision document from orientation with me before Saturday's event. See previous email from Adrian Trejo.


Have some student work/feedback that you'd like to share in future CM Spotlights? Send it my way!

Erik is an English teacher at Pearl-Cohn High School and a 2CM in our cohort! Erik has been working to keep students engaged throughout the virtual learning experience by giving them active breaks that keep them thinking about the content while honoring the zoom fatigue that is SO real. Check out some awesome feedback from a student about virtual learning in Erik's classroom! Keep up the awesome work!

Have a great week and looking forward to continuing debriefs this week! Call, text, or schedule a meeting anytime at

Take care,


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