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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

A Safe Resort

Innocent eyes, so full of fear,

The world seems scary, unclear,

A trauma lingers deep within,

A wound that's hard to heal and mend.

But in these moments of despair,

We can lend a helping hand and care,

To guide these children on their way,

And show them there's a brighter day.

We listen closely to their cries,

And wipe away their tears and sighs,

We offer comfort and support,

A loving hand, a safe resort.

With every step we take with them,

We help them find their inner strength,

To face their fears with courage bold,

And find their way through tales untold.

We teach them ways to cope and thrive,

To heal the wounds and feel alive,

With empathy and open hearts,

We help them take those vital starts.

Though trauma's scars may always be,

We offer hope and guarantee,

That they can heal and find their way,

Towards a brighter, better day.

So let us stand and lend our hand,

And help these children find their land,

A place where they can grow and learn,

And find their way, with love and yearn.


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