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Blog 3.22


I hope this post finds you well rested and ready to tackle Q4. I am coming back to the week of vacation with a heavy heart due to the constant illumination of racial injustice in our country. Please see this article TFA published about the importance of action to accompany our words and ways to stand in solidarity with the AAPI community:

Please reach out if you want a thought-partner or have concerns when it comes to addressing these injustices in the classroom. Always here for y'all.


Observations the next two weeks are happening for Napier Elem, Donelson, Pearl-Cohn, J.T. Moore, EEP, McGavock HS. If you teach at one of these schools, please choose one of the options below:

1. Upload a recording of your in-person classroom to this google folder by EOD Wednesday, March 31st but the earlier the better so I can get you feedback ASAP! If you have issues with the form, please let me know and am happy to coordinate email/facetime/other options. We can get creative here.


2. Sign up for a time on calendly for me to attend your virtual or hybrid zoom/teams session. Please make sure to attach your class link to the calendly sign up. If you don't see any options that work for your schedule, reach out to me and we will find a time!


  • 1CMs only: March 31 OR April 1. More info coming in the CM blast TODAY!

  • Saturday, April 10--Cohort SOCIAL! Coffee/Donuts/Lesson Planning/JOY. More information on location/time forethcoming!

Take care,


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