Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Blog 5.10

Hey all,

May is in full swing! Thanks for showing up today and every day. I am always encouraged by observing you all and seeing the great work you're doing--I know it's hard this time of the year, but keep going--you are so close! If you are waiting from feedback from me for a recent observation, I really appreciate your patience. My capacity has shifted to focus on summer training, but I am slowly working through all that you have submitted.

See below for the final requirements before you log off for summer—I know it will come quickly and don’t want anything to be a surprise! I will need all of the things outlined below completed in order to make sure we are in compliance with AmeriCorps grant requirements. Reach out if you have any concerns about getting this stuff done!

Reach out any time, I am so looking forward to closing out this wild year with y'all. Let me know if anything is confusing or you want to talk more about the purpose of these requirements—always happy to chat!!

Take care ❤

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