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Weekly Blast: Hybrid Teaching and Benchmarks

Happy Monday, Chattanooga Pioneers!

We know that many of you are going to hybrid teaching this week, while also doing some last minute preparations and review for benchmarks. I know that for some this may feel like a really stressful time. We want you to know that we are here to support you in any way! I also want to take this opportunity to shout out Brook Gavin for being a rock star teacher! She was featured in the Midtown Newsletter! Woohoo, Brooke! We're proud of you! Another shout out to Juliana Fernandez for participating in the first year panel discussion during our All Corps event last Wednesday! Way to show your leadership!!

We have several events happening this week. First, we have the Pathways Post Corps event this Tuesday from 6-7pm. This is a required event for 2nd year CMs, but we believe that it is never too late for our 1 CMs to be thinking about life after TFA. This is going to be a great panel discussion with Mrs. Jill Levine, Dr. Lundin, and Carla Hickman, who are all TFA alums that took on different roles after TFA. We are excited for you to engage, ask questions, learn and reflect in the hour that we share together! First year CMs, if you have not signed up for and attended a regional skill lab there are two being offered this week. Both are Dec. 9th from 6-7- the first one is on instructional pacing and the other is on learning environment. There will also be a make-up session for any first years who have not attended a skills lab. It is unclear at this point what the session will topic will be. It will be either Monday or Wednesday of next week.

Next, we will begin our December coaching this week and it will run through next week. We are doing choice coaching again- similar to how we did in September. It is important for you to sign up at least 24 hours in advance so that you coach can prepare for your coaching conversation.

Lastly, benchmark data was due on Friday, December 4th. If you have already emailed it to your coach then you have nothing else to do. If you have not done this, yet, then there will be a Google Folder for you put your benchmark data in. You will click the link to the folder, choose either 1 CM or 2 CM, Create a new folder with your first and last name and then drop the benchmark scores there. Please reach out to your coach if you have any questions.


Classroom Trends:

Classroom Trends

Positives Areas of Focus:

The following was observed across all Teach For America Classroom last week:

  • Really clear on expectations for behavior and academics

  • Most students were compliant and on task

  • Everyone was teaching toward an instructional goal/CLTs and they are posted

The following will be our focus this week:

  • Informal or formal CFUs while teaching

  • routinely or real time

  • Rigor is very factual recall, and not deepening understanding

  • Positive reinforcement and narration (academic or SEL)

  • Consequences or redirection


Action Items:

Dates to Remember:

  • December 11- Send Benchmark or other data to your coach

  • December 8- Pathways Post Corps for all 2 CMs (1 CMs you are welcome to join too!)

  • December 9- Skills Lab: Revisit, Redo, or Revamp Your Learning Environment AND Instructional Pacing (Submit Reflection by December 14th). m

  • December 7-December 15- Coaching Conversations

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