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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

MTLD Corner 10.26

Hi! Happy Monday! Your flexibility and grace is astounding. I am so inspired by the positive attitudes you all have amidst the changes and uncertainty that has unfolded for many of you this week. I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and finding ways to rejuvenate. Have you all found strategies to encourage your students to do the same while not physically with you? Thinking of each of you.

A few logisitical things:

  • So excited to see more of y'all in your classrooms this week. Here is who is on my calendar! You should have received an invite. I am still waiting to hear from the rest of you, so if your name is not on this list, I will be sending invites for next week based on the info I already have.

Monday--Erik, Hans, Stephanie

Tuesday--Joe, Greyson, Davison, Katie

Thursday--Sean, Tori, Christy, Anne

Friday--Zoe, Mariah

Please check out the rest of this website for virtual teaching, mental health, and many more resources! Keep up the amazing work! You all are so incredible!

Take care y'all,


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