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MTLD Corner 11.16

Hi! Happy Monday! I hope this week finds you well rested and ready to tackle this stretch before November break! Please read this entire post....there may be an incentive at the end!!

A few logisitcal things:

  • Debriefs/Checkins: I am looking forward to seeing more of your classrooms and wrapping up some debriefs before we head into the break! If I have been in your classroom and you haven't already signed up for a debrief with me, please make sure to do so using this link to sign up for a slot! If I haven't been in your classroom because of missing links, etc., please sign up anyway--would love to touch base before heading into the first round of holiday shenanigans. Ongoing communication with your MTLD is required in order to remain in good standing with Americorps, so please keep me in the loop!

  • DECEMBER 2nd!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The next all corps event is happening from 5-7pm EST! This event is mandatory, If you forsee any conflicts, get in touch with me ASAP!

  • 1CMs ONLY: Skills labs are happening continuously! I still have about 5 of you who have not signed up to attend one...This attendance is a requirement to remain in good standing with Americorps. Please use this link to sign up for one of the sessions. If you need assistance choosing, please reach out (DISCLAIMER: THE DECEMBER 2nd SKILLS LAB WILL BE RESCHEDULED DUE TO THE CONFLICT WITH THE ALL CORPS EVENT).

  • 2CMs ONLY: Mark your calendars for your upcoming programming dates:

Please check out the rest of this website for virtual teaching, mental health, and many more resources! You all are so incredible and I am grateful to work alongside of you. I know this work is not easy, but I hope you are able to reground yourself in your personal WHY for choosing TFA and believing in this work!

Take care y'all,


*CONTEST!!! Each CM that texts me the answer to this trivia question will be entered in a raffle for free coffee on me:

How many TFA alumni are currently in full time teaching positions?

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