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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

MTLD Corner 12.14

Did somebody say WINTER BREAK?! It's approaching y'all!!!

In this post you will find: an important action item, link that outlines progress toward AmeriCorps requirements completion, trends from semester observations/some food-for-thought questions, and logistics for next semester with some details about a fun community building event happening for our cohort in January. This email is long and I am so sorry, but I hope this information is clear and sets us up for success next semester. Please do let me know if you have any questions at all!

NEW Action Item due 12/18 (MANDATORY!):

It has come to my attention, that we need to collect data from you all (formative assessment, summative, MAP testing, Lexile levels, etc. ANY data point that is trackable till next semester!) from Semester 1. I realize that this may not have been mentioned to you until now so please do not let this be a source of worry! If something doesn’t come immediately to mind for you to submit, touch base with me and I am happy to help! This is a requirement for grant purposes, so we need to ensure we get it submitted 😊 More than happy to hop on the phone to support—there will also be office hours (see below) and email coming from Adrian with FAQ. I will be texting y’all individually later this week to touch base if you have not submitted.

Turn in your data by next Friday December, 18th using this form:

Virtual Data Support Office Hours Tuesday, December 15th at 5:00pmCentral

Password: 638536

AmeriCorps Requirement Progress

The following is taken into account when I do midyear AmeriCorps review in January:

  • All Corps 1 September

  • Coaching Cycle 1 (Observation + Debrief)

  • Coaching Cycle 2 (Observation for all + Debrief for 1CM only)

  • Coaching Cycle 3 (Observation + Debrief)

  • Skills Lab (1 CM only)

  • All Corps 2 (December)

  • Q1 Survey

  • Midyear Survey

  • Data Submission (see action item above)

Check here to see your progress:

This is just an FYI of what info I have to work with, so please reach out if you have any questions about this.

Fall 2020 Wrapped:

This is not as fun as Spotify, but it is a summary of the work we have done this year, so please just let me have this one lol.

Looking back on this semester, y’all have shown up in big ways. I have been so impressed by your ability to engage your students virtually. The biggest thing I have seen are RELATIONSHIPS! You have each gone out of your way to build trust with your students in a variety of settings. THANK YOU for the work you do each day! As we finish up the semester, there may not be a pretty bow on this year, and that is okay. You all have been constant in the lives of many students this year, and that is worth celebrating. Going into winter break, think about the stories you plan to share with others about your experience so far. What portrait will you paint about our schools, communities, and students?


I am really excited to work with you all next semester and it is my personal goal to get you more connect to one another as a cohort! I’m getting a start on this in two ways:

  1. A cohort Instagram! Think takeovers and highlights—I’ll limit the number of cheesy memes I share, promise! Follow @nash_tfhay for all the cohort happenings! Please follow on your classroom pages if you have one so I can see/share the awesome things you’re doing! If it’s your personal page, do not feel pressured to accept a request from me, just adding y’all as you pop up to increase my reach 😊

  2. COHORT PICNIC! Save the date! I will send out a google form the first week in January so I can see who is coming/ask for dietary restrictions. I really want to see your faces (from 6ft obviously!).

I hope it is clear and helps us go into the new year ready to go. In the days leading up to break, PLEASE reach out if I can be a thought partner or support you in any way! I hope you have an awesome and productive week—whatever that may look like for you and your students. Congrats to those who finished up grad school this past weekend!! You’re awesome.

Take care ❤

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