Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

MTLD Corner 12.7

Hi! Thanks to everyone who came to last week's event. Y'all are awesome!! Not much new information, but please save the date!!!!! We are gonna have a little socially distanced back to school event! More info to come!

Please follow @nash_tfhay on instagram! We are going to start having a Tuesday takeover...we wanna see what our friends are up to :)

  • 1CMs ONLY: Skills labs are happening continuously! I still have about 5 of you who have not signed up to attend one...This attendance is a requirement to remain in good standing with Americorps. Please use this link to sign up for one of the sessions. If you need assistance choosing, please reach out.

  • 2CMs ONLY: Mark your calendars for your upcoming programming dates:

Please check out the rest of this website for virtual teaching, mental health, and many more resources! I'm so lucky to get a glimpse of your day to day!

Take care y'all,


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