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9.15 + CM Spotlight: Malia Wing!

Hey y'all! So great to see each of you on Saturday! Looking forward to being in your classrooms again next week for the next round of observations! Make sure to sign up for an open existing time slot to visit your classroom using this link if you did not do so during cohort time! If nothing works for you, send me a text and we will find a new time! I will be sending calendar invites to each of y'all as a reminder of when I am coming. Please let me know if zoom/teams links have changed in the past few weeks, otherwise I will be using the ones you submitted the first week of school.

No corps wide action items this week, but please make sure you are completing all requirements. I will be updating the tracker by the end of the week and begin notifying individuals if a CM improvement plan is necessary to remain in good standing with Americorps.


Hi friends! My name is Malia Wing, I am a first year CM teaching 7th grade Math at STRIVE Collegiate Academy. I was born in Minnesota, raised in Virginia, and went to college in Texas – somehow ending up in the middle of all three places, right here in Nashville. I graduated from Texas Christian University this spring (Go Frogs!) with a degree in Geography (yay maps!)

Virtual learning started with a whole bunch of trial and error for me – figuring out my content for the first time but also figuring out how to convey content to students in this new setting! I ended up investing in a tablet so that I could work alongside my students. My students freaked out when they saw a “Ms. Wing 2.0” log into our Zoom call, but this was definitely a worthwhile investment. It is easier for students to follow along, and I personally find it more fun to teach this way.

Some of my favorite moments during virtual learning have been during office hours. Sometimes kids who I don’t necessarily expect to come will pop into my Zoom with just one or two quick questions but getting to interact with kids in smaller settings has really kept me going.

One of the funniest moments so far was when a student was off camera for a while so I messaged him twice in the span of 10 minutes only for him to respond with “omg I fell asleep” followed by “I guess I should start going to sleep earlier.” I was honestly surprised that he owned up to it, and it made me laugh.

Take care of yourselves this week and let me know how I can support you!


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