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SpEducators Weekly Blast! 01/19

Hi Speducators!

I hope you’re having a bright week. I wanted to thank you all for completing your AmeriCorps form on time.Today is the extended deadline, so if you’re yet to complete it, please do. In addition to this, I’m starting to do pop-ins and excited to see you guys, so please go to the attached Google Sheet and put-in for the time you’d like me to come either this week or next week (I’ll also be reaching out via text):

Regarding our meeting to get to know each other better, let’s consider next week Wednesday 27th, 5pm to 6pm. I’m thinking of a fun-based meeting, a time to socialize. I’ll be sending out a zoom invite later in the week. Also, to make passing information seamless and on-the-go between us, I have created a GroupMe group called “Speducators Cohort TFA.” I’m trying to add you all to it so if you can sign-up for GroupMe, that would be great! You can add your fellow CM if you’re already in there. Also, if you haven’t yet, let me get to know you a little bit better by completing this Google form:

That’s all I have for now. See you on GroupMe or text or pop-ins soon. We hope everything goes safely tomorrow at the Inauguration. Be safe. Thank you for all you do for the children of Nashville. 😊

Action Items/Events


Mid-Year AmeriCorps Evaluations Extended Deadline

The deadline to complete is Today, Tuesday the 19th.

DLC Session for 2CMs

All 2CMs have the third DLC session on Thursday, Jan. 21st from 5-6. Here is the zoom link:

Self-Schedule for Pop-Ins

Use this link to input your intervention or co-teaching times that you’d like for me to pop-in on:

Q3 All Corps

The all-corps for Q3 will be Feb. 3rd. Casey will be sharing more info soon on this via the CM blast.

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