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Supporting Our Community Before, During, and After Election

November is always challenging in schools, but clearly, this year is next level.

While our presidential election cycle comes to a close, and you consider the role you will play in this transition to governance in light of your professional responsibilities as a teacher, member of Teach For America, and, if applicable, member of AmeriCorps, we encourage your voice and actions to match the importance of this moment.

We want to partner with you in collecting tools and resources you can use and things you can turn-key to your colleagues to support them during this election period as we navigate it together. We are gathering information and working to respond as quickly as possible to the varying needs of our network, but as there may be an increased need, we want to have information ready to support you or enable you to support others. If you would like to share any resources with us, please submit them here.

Resources & Tools

1. Our TFA National Teacher Development Team has created Supporting Our Students Before, During, and After Election 2020 Toolkit. This includes resources to help teachers and teacher leaders navigate the weeks ahead with self-reflection, engagement strategies, and lesson ideas by content area and grade level.

2. TFA Alum Elroy “EJ” Johnson (South Louisiana ‘12) created the How to Engage with the 2020 Elections Toolkit featured on PBS Education. Check out the toolkit here.

3. Teaching Tolerance | Teaching The 2020 Election: What Will You Do on Wednesday? - No matter what happens on Election Day, next Wednesday will likely not be a routine morning anywhere in the United States, including at school

5. This week the Bright Morning podcast will have a new type of episode called Grab Bag. Elena is joined by a co-host, Laura Brewer, and the two talk about how to prepare for the election, what’s giving them hope and bringing them joy, what they’re reading, and how they’re practicing radical self-care. For listeners who know Elena as a coach or interviewer, you’ll get a glimpse into who she is on a more personal level and how she’s really feeling these days.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re looking for ideas and support to prepare for and manage election week

  • You’re looking for more ideas to boost your resilience

  • You’re curious about what’s going on with Elena’s eyebrows

6. How To Make Love: Join host Laura Brewer for a discussion about practicing self, family, and organizational care during election week -- and how to prepare for it now.

7. A few resources from Self Magazine:

8. From Leadership for Educational Equity | Voter Readiness Bingo

9. From Therapy For Black Girls | Wellness During The 2020 Election

11. TIIRC - Community Healing Spaces | Join TIRRC for a community healing space, where they will hold a space to process the elections together and provide mental health resources and tips.

Join them on Wednesday, November 4th. They will have 2 sessions, English 6:30 pm CT / 7:30 pm EST and Spanish 7:30 pm CT / 8:00 pm EST by zoom:

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