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Weekly Blast 1/11/21

"The teacher’s task is to initiate the learning process and then get out of the way."

― John Warren

Chattanooga Pioneers,

Happy Monday and first full week back to school in 2021. I know this has been an unusual way to start back to school, and this past week has been trying in many ways. Many of you are going from fully in person to fully virtual, which can present many challenges. On top of all of that, we had an egregious attack on our Capital and democracy. I sent an email last week with some resources to help you and students discuss and process the events of Wednesday. If you need more resources or want to discuss or problem solve virtual learning or last Wednesday’s attack please reach out Janiel, Molly, or Courtney.

I want to shout out Callie Phillips for leading a K-2 virtual learning PD at her school last week! Way to step into your leadership and share your knowledge with your colleagues! Woohoo!! Also, thanks to Brooke Gavin for shouting out Callie on GroupMe!!

We, as a coaching team, will be doing classroom pop-ins this week. After the pop ins this week, we will put you in one of two pods- either a learning environment pod or a rigorous instruction pod. We will discuss this more during our cohort meeting on Thursday.

Lastly, I sent you a calendar invite for the deadline to complete the Americorps Mid year evaluation. This is different from mid year conversations. The evaluation will come to you through your email and it is an important Americorps document. This evaluation is required for you to receive your education award at the end of your corps term. The email should be sent to you today (1/11/21) and is due by next Monday (1/18/21). Let us know if you have any questions.


Dates to Remember:

  • 1/14/21: All Cohort Event 5:00-6:30

  • 1/11/21: Deadline for signing up for and registering for Midyear conversations

  • 1/18/21: Deadline for completing Americorps Mid year Evaluations (in email) this is different than the mid year conversations

  • Week of 1/18/21 and Week of 1/25/21- Mid year Conversations

  • 1/27/21 ESOL Gap Session

  • Week of 2/1 Pathways Post Corps event (the exact day has not been determined yet)

Action Items:

  • 1/11/21 Sign up and register for mid year conversations

  • 1/18/21 Complete Americorps Mid year evaluation


Resources for Discussing and Processing Wednesday's attack on the Capitol:

Here is a centering practice from Prentis Hemphill that can help us all be with what is:

Check out this resource from Facing History and Ourselves about working with yesterday’s (hundreds of years in the making) events. Here is the full link:

And here is a poem from Adrienne Maree Brown to help us remember who we are so that we can set about healing the founding wound:

And a few more:

10 Ways to Talk to Kids About Events in the News

How to Talk to Kids About Violence in the Capitol

Talking to Kids About the Attack on the Capitol

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