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Weekly Blast 12/14/20

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

-Brad Henry


Happy Monday, Chattanooga Pioneers!

Four more days until a much deserved winter break! Benchmarks are over and everyone is now doing virtual learning for the remainder of school for this calendar year- what a crazy semester!!!

There are no new announcements this week, but if you have not submitted your data yet, then please do that ASAP! Also, if you are a 1st year CM and have not attended a Skill Lab, then there will be a make up session one day this week (either Monday or Wednesday check your email for the exact date).

Also huge shout out to Shy Bowers for being our amazing MC for the Pathways Post Corps event last Tuesday night! Way to step into your leadership, Shy! You did an amazing job!

If you have any questions or concerns as we close out this semester and calendar year, please reach out to a coach! If we don’t get to talk to you again before the beginning of the year then we wish all of you a happy holiday season filled with rest, family, friends, and joy!!


Classroom Trends

Positives Areas of Focus: The following was observed across all Teach For America Classroom last week:

  • Really clear on expectations for behavior and academics

  • Most students were compliant and on task

  • Everyone was teaching toward an instructional goal/CLTs and they are posted

The following will be our focus this week:

  • Informal or formal CFUs while teaching

  • routinely or real time

  • Rigor is very factual recall, and not deepening understanding

  • Positive reinforcement and narration (academic or SEL)

  • Consequences or redirection


Action Items:

  • 12/11/20 Past Due: Upload your benchmark data to Google Folder (linked here)

  • 12/14/20: Last Skills Lab: 1st year CMs register for a Skills Lab here .

  • After the Skills lab send either a video or written reflection to your coach via email answering these questions. Link here. Responses are due 72 hours after you attend the skills lab.

Dates to Remember:

  • Week of 1/4/20- CM wellness checks

  • Week of 1/11/20- Learning environment hard reset for 1 CMs

  • Week of 1/18/20-1/25/20- Mid year conversations

  • Week of 2/1/20-Pathways Post Corps ( session 2 in a 3 part series)

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