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Weekly Blast 2/22/21

“Don’t just teach your kids to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything!”

-George Carlin

Chattanooga Pioneers!

I hope that you enjoyed a short week with your students, now fully in phase 3. Last week in the blast it was stated that Courtney would be away for a short time, but she is now back online and in full MTLD mode. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

With HCS students in schools five days a week, we want to capitalize on this time, so Molly and Courtney will be in schools doing observations/debriefs and pop-ins Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week. You should have received an email on Friday (2/19/21) if you are going to receive an observation/debrief with either Courtney or Molly this upcoming week. If you received an observation/debrief email, please make sure that you respond to your coach with a time to debrief within 24 hours of your observation. If you received an email stating that you will receive a pop-in next week, then you don’t need to schedule a debrief.

There will not be a pod coaching meeting this week, but second year CMs will have an Equity Alliance PD on Wednesday, February 24th. If you are doing edTPA, then supplemental work along with the recording will be sent to you.

We are enjoying seeing all of the great work you are doing in your classrooms! We are excited to continue seeing you grow in your skills and leadership! If you have any questions please reach out to any of us!

-Janiel, Molly, and Courtney


Dates to Remember:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 24th Equity Alliance, Theory of Change (2 CMs only)

  • March 4th Pod Meeting (Coach will email 2.26 if you are to attend)

  • March 11th- 1 CM monthly meeting

  • March 18th- 3rd Pathways Event (2 CMs)

  • March 25th- Pod Meeting (Coach will email you if you are to attend)

  • April 1st- Chattanooga All Cohort Meeting (1 CMs & 2CMs) 5-6:30


Action Items:

  • 2 CMs (who are not in edTPA) register for Equity Alliance Event

  • Check your email every Friday and respond by Sunday evening if you get an email asking you to schedule an observation and debrief.

  • Rigorous Instruction Pod: Share weekly lesson plans with Molly

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