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Weekly Blast! 2/9

Hello Speducators!

I hope you’re having a bright week. In this weekly blast, I just wanted to highlight some of the trends that I have been coming up as I have mid-year conversation with you and to remind us of the action items coming up. I know some of our teachers are back in-person, and I’d like to mention again that please do not hesitate to flag if there’s anything coming up in your classes as students are now physically present around us.

In order to improve our sense of community and collaboration, I have created a Shared Resource Drive where we can put resources we find useful, and materials we feel our fellow cohort teachers may find useful. Here is the link to that drive. Also, if there’s a website you find beneficial, I invite you to share on our GroupMe with us all. We never know who may need it. Please find the drive by clicking here.

Also, I’ll be doing a group session on IEP and progress monitoring soon (the last week of February). If you’re interested, please let me know.

Let’s continue to put the time we want for pop-ins so I can come and see you and your students by going and scheduling in this Google sheet self-schedule.

Thank you for all you do for the children of Nashville. You’re appreciated!

Action Items/Events



(Tomorrow) TFA + DLC: 2CMs: February 10th, 5pm – 6PM




Thu Feb 18, 2021 5pm – 6pm Central Time - Chicago

Where (map)

Schedule for Mid-Year Conservation/Pre-work

After signing up, please click on this pre-work so we can maximize the impact of our conversation:

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