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Weekly Blast 4/26/21

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.” - Gail Godwin

Happy Monday Chattanooga CMs,

Thank you all for attending and participating in our last Equity Chatt of the year with C.A.L.E.B. The learning and conversations that were sparked from this Equity Chatt were inspiring and thought-provoking. We appreciate you coming with an open mind and ready to collaborate with community members and each other.

This week begins the Theory of Change events. 1 CMs, you are required to attend ONE of the options listed below. Be mindful that there is some pre work that goes along with this event. When you register you will gain access to the pre-work.

Next week we will begin doing EOY conversations- click the link below to sign up for these conversations. 1 CMs will have their EOY conversation with Molly and 2 CMs will have theirs with Courtney. The conversations will take approximately an hour, and will be a chance to reflect on the past year (or 2 years for 2 CMs). There is an element of pre work that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Make sure to complete the pre work before coming to your EOY conversation.

We are winding down coaching support, but Molly and Courtney will be available upon request for observation/debriefs, planning sessions, and office hours. Reach out to us if you would like to receive coaching over the next couple of weeks.

2 CMs, during our cohort time during Alumni Induction we will be giving out teacher superlatives. Make your voice heard for who has the best Death Glare, Most Likely to be Found in Nature, and many more. There is also a space at the bottom of the form to create your own superlative! This is a great opportunity to celebrate one another as you close out your TFA experience! Click here to submit your vote!

Have an amazing last week of instruction before testing season begins!

Dates to Remember:

  • April 27th 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 1)

  • April 28th 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 2)

  • April 29th 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 3)

  • May 3rd 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 4)

  • May 5th 1 CM Theory of Change event (Option 5 Make up day)

  • Week of May 3rd and May 10th EOY conversations

  • May 17th- Last day to submit EOY data to your Coach

  • May 20th Alumni Induction

  • May 26th All Cohort end of year celebration

Action Items:

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