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Weekly Blast 5/10/21

“ Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”

- William Butler Yeats

Happy Monday, Pioneers,

I hope that you had a great week of testing last week and that you felt appreciated during teacher appreciation week! We have enjoyed getting to do some high level reflections with you during EOYCs last week and are excited to continue the conversations this week.

We know that testing is going on this week and that this can be a stressful time for you and for students. Below you will find some resources on things you can do after testing days and instructional activities after testing is finished. If you would like more information on this then reach out to Molly or Courtney.

There are a some end of year tasks that need to be completed. I have included the end of year data form below, as well as the end of year checklist. Your end of year data is due by May 14th. Courtney sent out calendar reminders for this on Wednesday and again on Friday. The link for the data submission is below and is also on the calendar reminder. It is important that you get this turned in by the due date as this could effect your AmeriCorps money and standing.

We hope that you have a wonderful last week of testing. Reach out with any questions or support that is needed .

- Janiel, Molly, and Courtney

Dates to Remember:

  • Week of May 10th EOY conversations

  • May 14th EOY data submission due

  • May 20th Alumni Induction

  • May 26th All Cohort end of year celebration

Action Items:


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