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Weekly Blast! Snow Tuesday!

Hello Speducators!

I am thankful for the opportunity to support you all, for the snowy days, and pray that in places where electricity is out things go back to normal quickly. This weekly blast I want to share with you our focus for this quarter as many of us transition back to in-person:

  • Supporting our needs that are specific to classroom management as we go in-person

  • Prioritizing virtual Pop-Ins for those teaching virtually and for those teaching in-person, observation through recordings.

  • Finally, I would like for us to strengthen our feeling of community. The mid-year survey shows that we don’t feel like we’re a collective enough and this is understandable given the pandemic and the vacant coaching position last semester. But now, I would like for us to lean on each other. You know like in the song ...everybody needs someone they can lean on, lean on me. :)

As we wrap up the mid-year conversations this week, major trends coming out to me have led to the formation of a shared resource drive.

And I will also be facilitating group coaching sessions during the month of March and beyond on germane topics as needs arise.

Before I end this communication, I have an ask for all of you: I would like for us all to meet on Thursday, February 25th, at 5pm for our Cohort Meeting. That is next week. It is essential that you attend this meeting as we’ll be going over the calendar and choosing event dates for the rest of the semester. Also, I’d like for us to kick off the community time while collaborating on a thing or two regarding in-person. I will send a calendar invite before the end of this week.

Action Items/EventsDetails

DLC 2CMs When Thu Feb 18, 2021 5pm – 6pm Central Time Cohort Resource Drive Click here

CM Observation Video Recording Click here

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