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Weekly Cohort Message 9/29/2020

Good Morning, Royal Cohort!!

Thank you all for being so patient the last couple of days. I was OOO due to being sick and I am also with my mom who had surgery yesterday. I will be officially back in office and completing debriefs Thursday. If I observed you last week, be on the lookout for an email soon with next steps. Don't forget about the Professionalism Reminder , utilize and add to our Royal Cohort Virtual Resources document and also stay connected with our Royal Cohort Community Networks document.

As many of you go out for Fall Break next week, I hope that you find some time for self care and relaxation.

We will resume observations the first week after break. The calendar will be updated Sunday of this week so that you will be prepared for observations the following week.

A quote to remember this week, "Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new. –  Og Mandino

Please read through the important information below and complete any action items.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

1st and 2nd Year Corps Member Action Items and Updates:

Classroom Observations (Mandatory)

Pop Ins are finishing, and observations have started! The calendar is updated weekly. You will only see what day and if I am coming AM or PM. After your observation, be prepared to sign up for a “debrief” in order to complete your coaching session with me. Please submit your zoom, Microsoft teams, or other links to the google document.

For Your Information:

In a world that seems to be divided in every way it is always encouraging to sit with those I love and those I have never met and share a meal together. “The cold, the darkness, and the isolation were forgotten for a while with such a dinner” - Robert Falcon Scott In honor of Latinx Heritage Month I wanted to share some Latinx recipes that you and your loved ones can break out as you share a meal. Question: What are some go to conversation starters you use when sharing an intimate moment such as sharing a meal with others?

Resources/Training (s)

Below you will find some resources and training (s) provided by Adobe for educators. 

  1. Distance Learning Hub |

  2. Classroom Management tools | Document Cloud resource hub:

  3. Training for Virtual Teaching | "Flipped learning" self-paced course:

  4. "Teaching Online Masterclass" self-paced course: New as of September 1

Wishing you the best!


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