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Adrian Trejo

Managing Director, Leadership Development (Chattanooga)

Oklahoma City

As Managing Director of Leadership Development, Adrian will be the primary success partner for ensuring that a cohort of current CMs and incoming CMs are positioned to access what they need in order to impact our 10-year goal and enter alumni-hood with a clear vision for how they can continue to contribute to One Day from the matriculation phase through their two-year commitment with Teach For America Nashville-Chattanooga.

Adrian started his career in education in 2012, working as a teacher in Oklahoma City, where he taught science to students with disabilities, and subsequently teaching math and English to secondary students. He continued education career in both higher education and school leadership, serving with the University of Oklahoma’s K20, expanding access to postsecondary education for students from low-income communities. As an Assistant Principal at Capitol Hill High School, Adrian spearheaded the school’s efforts to reduce the disproportionate disciplining of students of color and students with disabilities.

Adrian draws energy from supporting teachers and coaches in their growth as educators. Outside of work, Adrian is a gardener and a aquarist and fishkeeper.

Adrian Trejo
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Key Responsibilities
Develops the scope and sequence of coaching for first- and secon-year teachers across Nashville and Chattanooga
Manages and supports the ongoing development of coaches
Manages partnerships with school and certification partners
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