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March 1st?? WHAT? I wasn't ready, but here we are! This month will be a tough one as we transition back into the physical classroom, and with spring break around the corner, it will be tempting to lose heart and begin to count the days. Instead, let's make the days count. Don't lose heart. We will get through it together! The most important thing is to love your students through the transition!




Below I have linked an awesome resource from the History Channel to study Black History through a well curated timeline! Please check it out, and other great resources the channel has compiled, and share it with your students and colleagues.


1. Sanitization Needs Survey We were able to procure some funding to provide you additional sanitization supplies. We know your schools will be providing PPE and other supplies, and we want to provide an extra layer of support if you have additional needs. If you are supporting students in person, please take this survey and share your needs. The link will stay open throughout the spring semester and I, Adrian, will review it weekly and reach out directly to CMs who have expressed a need.

2. If you missed our cohort meeting, please sign up for a time to meet with me before spring break

3. Profile

In an effort to get you guys more connected to each other, please complete your slide on this slideshow so everyone can know who each other is! Also, add to your slide your vision and classroom motto!

4. Add songs to our cohort playlist! Time to refresh! What songs are getting you through this semester!


Teaching Resources:


This week's shout out goes to Kaci Carpenter, Nathan Foster and Meagan Fuller! Nathan and Kaci transitioned into the classroom on Friday and Meagan is going back in person on March 3rd! It is not easy. We are so proud of you three and are rooting for you all the way! Thank you for your commitment to your students and families!




We are 27 change makers with a lot more in common than we think. Our vision is to create closeness and connectivity with one another, our students, and their families to solve problems and create action.
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